Nick Cannon Debuts Theme Song for Talk Show

courtesy of Nick Cannon Talk Show


Tune In For “The Making Of The Video” on The Very First Show

Airing On Monday, September 27 (Check Your Local Listings)


“Music is part of me … I’ve been playing instruments since I was 8 years old. I would describe the theme song as welcoming, fun, energetic. I wanted the messaging in the song to be hopeful, optimistic, and every time you hear it makes you feel good,” Nick

“My kids were involved with the theme song every step of the way– from its inception all the way to the master… They love it when they hear their voices on it,” he added.

Also, on Monday’s debut episode, Nick Cannon invites his friend and comedian Kevin Hart to be the very first guest. From llamas to billboards, Kevin and Nick spent the summer pulling historic pranks. And now, Nick takes the prank war to the next level with an epic prank when Kevin is the guest on Monday’s show.