Dylan Gilmer Crushes The Rap Game On His Nick Series


By Eunice Moseley

“I like spitting some of my own,” said Dylan Gilmer, who stars in season-two of the comedy series “Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan” on Nickelodeon, when I asked if he got to rap on season-one. “On season-one I got to rap but it wasn’t my own.”

The Tyler Perry-produced series is slightly based on the life of Dylan who came to fame rapping on Youtube. The high views landed him on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” then to being able to  perform at “NBA All Star Weekend” events and on “America’s Got Talent.” He was scouted by Perry for the series. The Annapolis, Maryland native is currently 12 years-old and sounding so excited about his journey thus ar.

The second season of the “Young Dylan” show is focusing on Dylan relocating to Chicago which brings issues he has to work through.

When I asked if he plans any relocation plans in his personal life, Dylan said, “Nope, not currently. But I do want to move to Atlanta because all my friends and cast members are there – Tyler Perry Studios is there.”

“Young Dylan” airs on Saturdays at 8:30pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon. It is about a young rapper’s  journey to becoming a superstar Hip-Hop artist. The comedy series also stars Carl Anthony Payne, II (“Martin”) as Uncle Myles; Mieko Hillman (“Teen Wolf”) as Aunt Yasmine; Aloma Lesley Wright (“Days of Our Lives”) as Grandma Viola; Celina Smith as Cousin Rebecca; Hero Hunter (“The Purge”) as cousin Charlie, and Jet Miller as best friend Bethany.

“I’m excited about season-two,” Gilmer said. “It’s going to be better than season-one because there is more going on and more characters.” www.Nick.com/shows/Young-Dylan

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