(Watch) Alex Blocker’s ‘Good Luv’

Courtesy of Pressed PR


Colorado genre-blending artist Alex Blocker is back with a new music video release for his single Good Luv– out now on all major platforms. “Good Luv” showcases Blocker’s unique style that fuses elements of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz in a unique blend. Featuring Boulder singer Angelique., the single talks about a relationship that’s slowly losing its fire. Channeling the energy of a breakup looming on the horizon, the innovative violin backdrops and infectious melodies can only distract the two characters from reality for so long as they are shown evolving past one another. Originally released as part of Blocker’s Moonlight Palace album two years ago, Blocker says that the fans are what gave this song new life. “Fans gravitated to this song during live performances…. they gave the single a second life.”

Out now on Spotify and YouTube!