Lit! 5 New Books By Authors That Touch The Soul

Right On! Digital’s latest collection of must-reads are a myriad of thought-provoking titles, celebrity bios and even poetry.  Read on!



Stellar Award-winning artist, actress, and multi-faceted entrepreneur Kierra Sheard-Kelly recently released her new memoir, “Big, Bold, and Beautiful: Owning the Woman God Made You to Be” (Zondervan). Additionally, the deluxe version of her chart-topping album, KIERRA (Deluxe) is available everywhere now.
In this immersive and inspirational book, Big, Bold, and Beautiful, GRAMMY Award-nominated singer Kierra Sheard-Kelly shares her hard-won advice on body positivity, spiritual self-care, goal setting, finding your joy, and living boldly in faith, empowering you to grab the life you’re meant to lead.
Every one of us was born to make a difference. But do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the things the world prioritizes, thinking you don’t match up or you don’t fit into the mold? Or do you wish you had a more supportive family, or positive role models, or access to the things you need emotionally and spiritually to keep going? Kierra Sheard sees you and will teach you how to:
  • Identify your goals, talents, and gifts so you can survive and thrive
  • Deal with societal expectations and focus on what really matters
  • Truly love yourself and find out who you really are as an individual
  • Live your faith loud and proud
Inside Big, Bold, and Beautiful you’ll find:
  • Short and easy-to-read chapters with deep advice for teens and young women on navigating life, and insightful questions to help you find your path.
  • Illustrated feature pages containing stand-alone graphics that highlight key topics for easy reference when you need a boost.
  • An ideal gift for those who need encouragement, as well as graduates getting ready for a new phase.


Credit: Workman Press


You Don’t Have to Be Everything: Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves  Ages 12–18; Grades 6–12; Paperback; $14.95 US) by mother and activist Diana Whitney can be shared between parent and child to bridge generational divides and provide understanding through poetry’s unique ability to heal. A gift to young women experiencing the challenges of adolescence, the collection is filled with works by a wide range of poets—including Maya Angelou, Amanda Gorman, Nikita Gil, and Elizabeth Acevedo—who are honest, unafraid, and skilled at addressing the complex feelings of coming-of-age, from loneliness to joy, longing to fear, attitude to anger.



Courtesy Joi L. Johnson

Being black in America is a beautiful thing; younger readers need to know this. ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ helps the young brown and black skin kindergarten through second grade readers grasp and understand, that everything in their lives goes along with how they look and feel about themselves. It is important that they know that their black skin, their black culture, and their black truth  is beautiful!

Joi L. Johnson and son Josiah. Credit: Author’s Photo

Author Johnson, who is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority’s Eta Nu Sigma chapter states, “The inspiration for this book comes from my son Josiah who I have taught to love the skin he is in, and I wanted the young readers to understand what it means to love their self no matter what others may think.” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092HNXNXH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_A0MTPBRYWPDXGG6M5JZY


Asian-American Attorney Mark Hsu pens Please Open in the Event of My Death:  A Father’s Advice to His Daughters in Case Something 

Horrible Happens (Which Hopefully It Won’t But Just in Case…)
With the United States grappling anew with issues of diversity and inclusivity, there is perhaps a growing realization that there is a dearth of fresh, funny, and passionate Asian-American voices.  Evocative of  the film Minari, where immigrants confront a choice of assimilation vs. independence, and in the wake of a pandemic, as people have experienced a keener sense of mortality, Mark Hsu has written a book of advice addressed to his daughters but meant for us all.

Mark Hsu Credit: Author’s Photo

A fear of flying led to this book.  A law firm partner in New York City, Mark was consumed with the unavoidable truth that if his plane went down during one of his business trips, his four- and three-year-old daughters would not remember a thing about him.  He proceeded to draw upon his work experiences and childhood spent in the U.S., Japan, and Italy as the only son of a deep-cover CIA spy:

“I wanted to write down all of the hard-won wisdom that many of us parents have accumulated by a certain age – why certain friendships last longer than others, how to deal with jealousy, using fear to your advantage, the power of appearance, what guys think when meeting women, parenting hacks – but I didn’t want to sound sanctimonious and unrealistic.  I wanted the advice to be relatable and grounded in real-world situations.”


Pastor John F. Hannah, the founder and lead pastor of New Life Covenant Church Southeast, has released a new book, Just Pray: How a Life of Prayer Grows Unshakeable Faith. Just Pray not only reminds readers of the importance of prayer, but it also guides them how to approach prayer in a way that brings them closer to God.

Just Pray discusses the significance of prayer at a time when nothing in the world is considered normal. Written during 2020 and through a pandemic, economic recession, racial protests and more, Pastor Hannah shares stories about his own life and how prayer has ultimately nurtured his relationship with God, reminding readers that communication is the basis of any relationship we can ever have. A speaker and author, he has impacted thousands of lives through his ministry and dedication to serve. Through his focused desire to teach people how to grow their relationship with God, Pastor Hannah has become renowned for his commitment to prayer; this book is exactly what he has been called to preach.