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Introducing  Fine Girl fashion by Sister CEOs Sade Amari and Najja Iman. The nineteen and twenty year old founders that are reimagining Y2K fashion to empower girls in 2021. Fine Girls stands for “Fierce Intelligent and Naturally Elegant”, to exude confidence from the inside out.

Like their passion, Sade and Najja embody the Fine Girl spirit in everything they do. They are fashion role models that discovered their inner voice by imagining and creating what they wished to see. Growing up in suburban sameness, they desired a space for expression that could bring unique girls like them together. This longing has since been at the heart of their business pursuits, first through Graphic Tee design and then a thriving hair venture that established them as the “F.i.n.e Girls” among their peers. ​

Credit: Fine Girl


The Bay Area, Ca. natives  are two lovers of fashion, music, and human kindness who rose to success through their various social media platforms, boasting a combined total of 705k+ Instagram and Youtube followers. Before their social media fame, however, they were entrepreneurs.

Their first business (2017) was a graphic T-shirt line, named “Major Slayage.” Their second business (2018) “Fine Girl Hair,” specialized in hair extensions, bundles, and wigs. And after that business arose the powerhouse that is “Fine Girl” (2019-present), a Y2K-inspired womenswear brand for girls across the world was launched.

Website: https://finegirl.net and Instagram @FineGirlOfficial


Honey Pierre, Founder, Skin Champagne Credit: Skin Champagne

Skin Champagne, launched by Honey Pierre, a licensed esthetician, is a Black woman-owned cosmetics brand that produces unique and efficacious skincare products using the most coveted natural ingredients in the industry. Her company is a new glamorously clean beauty brand that aims to do things differently.

Their flagship products are infused with custom formulas and signature extracts that include Champagne, Truffle Oil, Diamonds, Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Kelp and African Shea Butter — ingredients that are amongst the most sought after in the cosmetics industry and are clinically proven to give users’ skin a healthy glow and feel.


Credit: Dymanz Glaze

Dymanz Glaze (www.dymanzglaze.com), founded by Eugenia Davis, is a vegan and cruelty-free based and affordable lip lacquer line that blends futuristic with trendy for every shade and tone. With Dymanz Glaze lip lacquers, every person feels they can step out and shine with colors that enhance their inner femininity and confidence. 

Nynoka Grant, CEO Akoyn Beauty, Credit: Akoyn Beauty

Meet Nynoka Grant, founder and CEO of Akoyn Beauty, an Atlanta-based Black-owned company that manufactures vegan-friendly personal care specialty products that are especially for women. Their premium soaps, skin creams, and body butter are handmade from the finest all-natural ingredients. Now, more than ever, taking care of yourself and remaining stress-free is a priority.

Akoyn Beauty’s products are created for every skin complexion, skin tone, and skin type—dry skin and sensitive skin. Available in Elegant Lavender, Pink Cranberry, Tropical Fruit, and Minty Lime, these signature fragrances are designed and infused with essential oils to make women feel wonderful.

.Be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @AkoynBeauty