(Listen) Melanie Andrews, Janet Jackson’s High School Buddy, Dishes About ‘Control’

Many people will recall when the ‘Control’ LP was released in February, 1986, that it was the “rite of passage” album launching Janet Jackson into Pop music stardom alongside her brother, Michael.
Not only did the album launch Janet, it reaffirmed Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as the Pop/R&B/New Jack producers of the era, and introduced Janet’s high school buddy, Melanie Andrews, as a hot new songwriter for penning ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’ for which she has won many accolades including BMI’s Pop Music Songwriter of the Year!
Now, 35 years later, a whole new generation has captured the timeless music on the ‘Control’ LP as it soared to #1 on iTunes.
Listen as Andrews, Janet’s high school buddy, discusses the making of the “Control,” and how it launched her career as a songwriter.
Editing by Kapri Piner and Tenzin Sangay