4 Beauty Baddies To Watch

These ladies are making big moves in the competitive beauty industry.  Meet the fab 4.
Compiled by Cynthia Horner

While some companies have had to pivot in the pandemic, Maryland teen Lexi P.  made history as her company Curlanistas is the first hair care line created by a BIPOC female teen to hit the shelves in Sally Beauty Supply. Between her website www.curlanistas.com and Sally’s, she has grossed over $90,000 in sales and moved over 100,000 units of products.

“I didn’t realize I was making Black history, women’s history or anything and now that I realize that, I am even more motivated to inspire other girls to pursue their dreams,” said Lexi. “I’m happy that my products were received so well but I’m also so super excited to launch my very own line of textured ponytails which are coily, curly and kinky textures to match our hair texture.That’s part of why I created the #embraceyourtexture campaign to help girls realize that all hair is good hair and we are entitled to celebrate our beauty.”

The Curlanista Magic Curl Defining Custard, Magic Frizz Fighting Detangler, Magic Curl Cream and Detangler Brush Set have been hot sellers especially in the Atlanta market where Lexi has appeared at the Bronner Brothers hair show. Her ponytail extensions are the 4c-4b Kinky Curly, 4c Afro, 3b-3c Curly Curl, and Kinky Blowout.

Lexi is an author and a mogul. Photo courtesy Curlanistas.


As the daughter of an African-American woman and Indegenious-American (Piscataway Conoy) man is very active in her communities. When not working on ideas for her business or signing copies of her book ‘Curly Girls Love Your Curls’ she wrote at age 11. Her goal is to have her products in Europe to serve BIPOC who may not have access to items for their hair, as well as to hit the shelves in the Caribbean and Africa.

“Representation matters and my parents have reminded me of that with my heritage,” said Lexi. “As a Black girl and a Native girl and a natural haired girl, I hope that I can continue to inspire others to embrace all that is within them.”

Deana Sanders Courtesy CR8Agency

Entrepreneur Deana Sanders has recently opened an all-new beauty supply store in the heart of Atlanta. Located at 49 Bennett St NW Atlanta GA 30309, the one-stop-shop offers everything the everyday women would need. Launching just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Deana has been able to thrive and overcome many challenges. She has even achieved a 6-figure salary in just under a year. Visit beautysorare.myshopify.com for more information.
Deana Sanders has been working in the beauty industry for years. In 2017, she decided to start a hair extension line over the internet that did quite well. Eventually, she was able to close a deal on a location in Buckhead, Atlanta that fit her brand. It was so important to her to have a physical location because Atlanta is notorious for not having many black-owned beauty supply locations. Because Sanders is an African-American women, she just gets it. She understands the culture, black hair, and what black women look for when they step into the beauty supply store. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it motivated Deana to work harder. Being that all the stores were closed, she saw an opportunity and took advantage. “I got my mask and gloves and sold hair products out of my truck! I made enough money to get a whole new building! When businesses opened back up. I opened my black-owned beauty supply,” she says.
“My business is a one-stop-shop! We have literally everything a girl needs from hair to clothing, accessories, and lashes! Wigs are our top sellers; we also install them as well. I am most proud that my company is black-owned because there are very few black-owned beauty supplies. Being a one-stop-shop sets me apart from others,” Deana told Voyage ATL.
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Phaedra Williams Credit: Phaedra Beauty

Phaedra Williams, owner of Phaedra Beauty, has rebranded her business to help other beauty entrepreneurs start their lip gloss lines.  Not only does Phaedra offer wholesale lip gloss supplies to jump-start their business, but she also mentors them and gives business tips on her YouTube channel and social media pages. She even created an online course on “How to Start a Lip gloss line for Beginners.”

Phaedra manufactures all her products, including her own line of foundations, concealers, pressed powders, and her highly requested vegan-friendly lip glosses. Phaedra Beauty offers lip gloss starter kits, lip pigments, gloss tubes, lip gloss base, frosts, lip palettes, lip liners, and much more.All product and additional info is available on her online store at PhaedraBeautyOnline.com. Follow her on social media @phaedrabeauty

Priscilla Jiminian Credit Skinergy Beauty

“Transitioning dry, dull skin from the dead of winter to glowing, healthy-looking skin shouldn’t have to feel like work,” said Priscilla Jiminian, the Afro-Latina Founder of Skinergy Beauty. “In fact, a solid and simple skincare routine can be easy, efficient and effective. And, I’m happy to share these tips!”


  1. Exfoliate and moisturize are your BFFs. Skinergy Beauty’s Dual Refiner is a one-stop powerful MASK + potent SCRUB that leaves skin silky smooth and luminous. Leave winter behind while scrubbing off dead skin, refining your skin’s texture, and toning while refreshing your face. Glow-boosting natural ingredients include Kaolin, Eucalyptus, Jojoba, Vitamins C + B5, Grapeseed Oil, and Juniper. All this beauty – in 10 minutes or less!
  2. Hydration is key to ridding the body (and skin) of toxins. Drink water, spray a face mist, place a humidifier in your bedroom, use a face steam vaporizer, and eat fruits and veggies with high water content.
  3. Speaking of food, you are what you eat. Indulge in rich, nutritious foods. Think avocados and tomatoes for breakfast, sunflower seeds and walnuts for snacks, salmon and broccoli for dinner, dark chocolate for dessert. YUM!

The models radiate during a photo shoot. Credit: Skinergy

By fusing an abundance of essential and potent ingredients found in nature – Skinergy Beauty offers cruelty-free skincare solutions that face-off with a wide range of skin issues, and empower ALL women to achieve naturally flawless skin.

To learn more, please visit  www.skinergybeauty.com  and follow @SkinergyBeauty across social.