(Video) Yara Shahidi Shares Her Passion For Music On Facebook Watch

The premiere episode of Facebook Watch’s Black History Month Special, “Forward: The Future of Black Music” with actress and activist Yara Shahidi and rapper Neelam is available now on Facebook Watch HERE.

In the episode, they discuss why Neelam inspires Yara, Black feminism, the importance of lyrics and their impact on the culture. To celebrate the #FutureOfBlackMusic, Yara Shahidi shares why rapper Neelam’s music inspires her, leading the women to discuss everything from Black feminism to the importance of lyrics and how they impact the culture.

Yara Shahidi and Neelam’s Episode Highlights

“Real ones are really rare nowadays so when you see one, you have to let them know. I’ve been following [Yara Shahidi] for so long, it’s amazing that there is such a beautiful mind in such a beautiful vessel.” –Neelam on Yara Shahidi

“I was really lucky to be surrounded by musicians. My great uncle is a jazz musician Olu Dara, and my cousin is Nas, and I also grew up with my father working for Prince. It begins to make more and more sense as I grow up, like ‘Oh, this is why I am so attached to music,’ because every musically-inspired person in my life was also a socially-inspired person.” – Yara Shahidi on her attachment to music


“I feel like the future of Black music to me is…it’s elevating. We just want everything that’s good for us. Good for our soul, good for our physical, good for our mind, good for everything. That’s the future to me.” – Neelam


Be sure to tune-in Friday, February 19 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET for a new episode featuring John Legend as he shines a light on D Smoke, a leader in his community who is shaping the sound of Black music. New episodes of “Forward: The Future of Black Music” stream every Tuesday and Friday during Black History Month, only on Facebook Watch.