Shop On! Fun Galentine’s Day Products You’ll Love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the one that you love. And you’ll love these new items that are must-haves for all!


Atlanta-based greeting card brand Culture Greetings and music legend Charlie Wilson are adding a bit of extra love into the atmosphere this Valentine’s Day with the launch of the Forever Valentine card series. Just in time for everyone’s favorite day to commemorate their love, the new Forever Valentine cards celebrate the everyday love highlighted in Uncle Charlie’s #1 single of the same name.

Dr. Dionne Mahaffey, Culture Greetings Founder photo courtesy Culture Greetings


The Forever Valentine card series, which is available exclusively through Culture Greetings, is customizable and can be sent via postal mail or picked-up the same-day at any Walgreens Photo Center across the U.S. Each card will include a special QR-code that links to a special love playlist curated in part by Wilson and Culture Greetings.

To view the Forever Valentine card series, please visit https://culturegreetings.com/collections/charlie-wilson.

Check out Charlie’s video:



Sanibeads is the new and highly in demand dispensable hand sanitizer beaded bracelet now available on Amazon for just $14.99 in a kit that includes three bracelets and a refillable bottle. The bracelets are great for

Credit: Sanibeads


anything when you leave the house. This unique product looks fashionable while also being functional and safe with COVID cases still on the rise. It’s fun and easier than carrying bottles of sanitizer and other products. Recommended for all ages!


Credit: Sanibeads


Credit: Berrylicious


Cupid’s Bow is in the air and aimed at every heart!  If the phrase, “date night” had a zenith, Valentine’s Day would be it!  Romantic dinner plans?  Beauty regime?  Check!  Check!  Date?  Check!  What to wear?……..  This is where cupid and conundrum can sometimes meet.  The scent for the season is always something “berry” and newly launched beauty brand HollyHoux offers their “Berrylicious” brightening wash off clay mask to get your skin looking luscious and enticingly supple and soft!   Whatever your look will be for the evening, you have at your fingertips these lovely shades of red, wine, mauve, pale pink and blushfrom skinnytees™, offering chic and sexy tops, camis and tanks for layering to make sure you are in style on this special night of romance!


Credit: skinnytees