Wendy: ‘Making A Biopic Is The Best Revenge’

Lifetime says, “How You Doing?” to talk show host Wendy Williams,  signed on to executive produce a biopic on her life, revealing the highs and lows she has experienced throughout the years. Wendy has made herself the go-to source for great celebrity dish on her hit talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, but recently the spotlight has turned towards her. The authorized project provides a revealing look at Wendy’s journey, from her scrappy upstart days in urban radio to the success of her own syndicated talk show. Despite all the naysayers and obstacles Wendy encountered throughout her life, her strength and determination have allowed her to thrive. The biopic is accompanied by a documentary on Wendy’s life, produced by Entertainment One (eOne) and Creature Films.


Go ahead in that red! Credit: Lifetime TV


During a press conference for her film, Wendy didn’t mind answering the hard questions and the hot topics!

Q: Did any healing come out of the making of the movie?

Wendy Williams: Well, it hasn’t really healed anything. You know if anything, I’m a much smarter person than I was then, and I’m a much smarter person than I was a year ago. I’m a much smarter person than I was last week. You know, every day, I feel like I get stronger and smarter and I have to because I’ve got to take care of me and my son and and my career, which I’m in love with and  being on TV. I love my career. I fell in love with the microphone over 35 years ago as a paying disc jockey, not as an intern. I had a lot of fun doing this movie because it almost didn’t even seem like I was talking about me just because I sit back and say, “I can’t believe I survived that.” And then I’d call Ciera Payton  (the actress who portrayed her character) and say, “Ciera, when you do this scene, make sure you giggle at the end. You know, don’t scream and get upset and throw the papers for nothing; when you turn your back to who you were screaming and yelling at, make sure that you giggle, you know, and make sure that the fighting that you do with my ex-husband ends with giggles and strength because it took me years to plot my new life. Years. I never woke up and said, “oh, I’m getting a divorce or, I’m going to do this or that. I’m going to be on TV.”  It didn’t happen like that.
Q: Speaking of Ciera, what qualities did she have that made of the ideal actress for the role?
Wendy:  She wanted it. She wanted it and she actually knew who I was or AM,  is, or whatever. We exchanged telephone numbers  and behind the scenes, we would have our chit chats on the telephone. I would call her and say, “are you busy?  and she would say, “yes, I’m doing this, that and the third.” And I’d say,  “all right,  will call me when you’re not busy.” She would call back and we would sit on the telephone and we would talk about things, anything from hair, to nails. The little things were important…The nail polish that I wear is the one I wear everyday on the talk show because it makes working easy. My nails are short; they’re  nubs, and know I fight gently. But sneakily.