Angela Bassett Reflects On Dr. King’s ‘Magnificent’ Legacy

 Angela Bassett, who has starred in such  projects as “The Mountain Top” and “Betty And Coretta”  recently discussed her feelings about the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “magnificent” legacy on The Talk.

“(He was) Just incredible. Just someone who was completely and utterly selfless in his dream, his vision of a better America, a better world, a better place for Black and Brown people, for those who have been disenfranchised, just elucidating and highlighting and illuminating our humanity and the humanity of all people around the world. It was completely and totally selfless to give his life, something that many of us would never be asked to do…but we can do in a small way just to honor his legacy in giving of ourselves. Speaking for those who can’t speak, going where those who can’t go, checking in on people in this horrific and challenging time on others who are alone and lonely, just doing our part. It’s a magnificent legacy.” She also discusses talking to her twin sons about the current state of our nation. “They know it’s not right. They think a lot of it is idiocy, and stupidity and backwardness. They have eyes and they see.”

The Talk hosts reflect. Credit: CBS Studios