Activist/Author Kevin Powell Reacts To Recent Georgia Senate Races & Washington, D.C.

Kevin Powell, U.S. civil and human rights activist and author of new book, When We Free The World, about present and future of America, issues an exclusive statement to Right On! Digital regarding some of the hot topics that are making news today:

“The Georgia Senate races have shown us what is possible when people of different backgrounds come together for the common good. That a Black person and a Jewish person would be the two United States Senators from the great state of Georgia was unimaginable just a few years ago. Because some of us understand it is for the best to work together rather than work apart. Yet the terrible scenes of mostly White Donald Trump loyalists storming the United States Capitol have shown us what is possible, and deadly, when people do not care about the common good, do not care about their fellow citizens nor humanity; when the only things that matter are power and domination and violence in multiple forms; when White supremacy and White privilege continue to be the doctrines of this land, in spite of everything from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter. Simply Google and compare how Black Lives Matter protesters were treated by this sitting president in the Spring of 2020 versus what we witnessed this first week of 2021 in Washington, D.C. This president will be gone soon, but that mindset will not be, and nor is it limited to one political ideology or one class or region of people. America is rooted in it, was born into it, this is the hard and cold reality, one that my ancestors, and I, know firsthand because of our experiences with “domestic terrorism” and mobs of angry faces from generation to generation. So I say we must continue to struggle for a different path. Love over hate. Talking and listening instead of yelling and cursing. Cooperation over division. Peace instead of ugliness and meanness. This is really not just about political parties. This is about what kind of people and what kind of human beings we want to be, going forward. Enough of that old way. This is the new way, and nothing is going to stop it.”

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