(Listen) Micah Edwards Releases ‘December 26’

Retro-pop singer-songwriter Micah Edwards has released his sweet and festive holiday single “December 26.”

A fitting holiday song for 2020, “December 26” hones in on that day-after-Christmas feeling and finding a way to carry on the festive cheer once the big holiday has passed. Edwards says that he noticed how people tend to get stressed out in December; whether it be from overspending on gifts, office work parties, or just an overload of social events.

“’December 26′ is all about cutting out the superfluous customs that really add on a lot of unneeded stress during the holidays. “I urge my listeners to get back to basics, remember what’s important, and relax this December,” explains Edwards. “Needless to say, this has been a stressful year for all of us, and the last thing we need is a stressful Christmas.”

Courtesy Micah Edwards Music


“December 26” is a song that, as a songwriter, is lyrically close to his heart. “Not only is it my Christmas mantra embodied in the song, but the creative production also had tons of Christmas spirit,” says Edwards. “It was really an all-hands-on-deck approach with my favorite musicians, creatives, and friends from Houston.”

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