The Buzz On #BLAIRISMS: Inspiration. Reflection. Laughter.



Everybody’s buzzing about #Blairisms, home of the popular Instagram Live Savage Chat, a popular merchandise line and the producers of special events.

I recently appeared on the   IG Live Savage Chat, hosted by the founders and  married entrepreneurs Blair and Brandon Dottin-Haley and I had so much fun that I invited them to appear on Right On! Digital.

Here’s The.Blairisms back story:

By the time we actually met face to face, Blair and Brandon  had already interviewed a couple of hundred celebrities and influencers. I felt honored to join the illustrious array of the Savage Chat guests who shared their truth with these two lovable, endearing influencers who know how to weave themselves into the fabric of their subject matter. The hosts have a knack for gleaning never-before-told stories that are so intimate and exclusive that even the celebrities don’t realize what they have unleashed onto their bold, unique platform.

#The Blairsisms began about four years ago as a T-shirt brand blazing bold statements, some of which are a little to bold to mention here. Through their cult following, Blair and Brandon have been able to develop a brand that is a beast.

I turned the tables on them in the interview  for Right On! Digital, where  we discussed a myriad of topics. I don’t mean to brag, and I don’t mean to boast, but Brandon and Blair have become part of the Right On! family!


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: How did the idea for your  IG Savage Chat come about?

A: Our print vendor was returning from being shut down from Covid. We had been kind of shut down and stagnant for a few months and  as soon  as they came back we were inspired to start a collection that celebrated  cultural icons. About a month or so later, we  were inspired to to start a chat series. We thought, why not take these cultural icons that we’re celebrating through our shirts and  sit down with some people who are a part of the culture to inject some joy some fellowship  and lift and share Black stories? We wanted the folks who have been a part of pushing the culture forward  to share the lessons they have learned throughout their journeys. We were going to do it for a couple months, but It didn’t really work out that way. What ended up happening is that  as we got the Savage Chat series going  we found that there were so many people in the culture who needed to be celebrated, who needed to get their flowers now. That would not only bring some joy and some laughter to the time that we’re in right now, but would also provide some healing because of the lessons that they had learned.

We’ve heard so many people who watched The Savage Chat series say that they have learned and taken away so much listening, to people like Erica Alexander and  En Vogue’s Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis and Rhona Bennett who  have sat down with us. We’ve also  sat down with award-winning journalist April Ryan as well as TV actors  Kim Coles  and T.C. Carson. We interviewed the  first Black Miss America, Vanessa Williams, as well as New Orleans city attorney Sunni LeBeouf. So we’ve really tried to cover not only the people who have significantly contributed to the culture but people who are currently pushing the culture forward.


Q: What is the impact the Savage Chat and your future endeavors make on future generations?

A: Because  of the wonders of technology these stories will be captured and will live on forever. There are people who will be able to listen to Cynthia Horner tell the story of Prince calling the magazine over and over and over and over and over again. People  will be able to hear that stuff here long after we’re all gone.

Q: Right On! Digital is involved in your upcoming holiday special which airs on December 19 and 20, 2020. We have a separate article running about the holiday special, but take a moment  to tell  the fans what they have to look forward to.

A: It’s called BlaXellence, and it’s  a Savage holiday spectacular. We have had so many incredible people and incredibly talented people sit down with us during the Savage Chat series that we thought that it would be just great to put together a showcase of that talent and gift it to the culture.


Courtesy The.Blairisms



Q: For one minute, can you talk about the diversity that we have in the music business at this stage? We did not have that back in the early days of Right On! magazine; we just had like a handful of people that really made it to the top of the charts.

A: So many Black women are being celebrated. The music industry for so long has really done a disservice to Black creatives and Black women and we’re just so excited to see people like Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B who are really celebrating  all facets of their womanhood. And Jenifer Lewis, Cicely Tyson, Eartha Kitt and those other  trailblazing Black women who stood up and demanded the respect that they deserved.

Blair and Brandon are ready for the holidays. Credit: Brandon Dottin-Haley

Q: What words of wisdom can you offer young entrepreneurs and creatives?

A:  We started out four years ago with an idea and a dream and a whole lot of determination. We continued to grow and develop both quotes and merchandise  and people have supported the brand as a merchandising brand. One of our quotes is “Black people, I love you.”  One of the great things about The.Blairisms is that it is a movement and that we encourage people to rest their voices and say it with your chest. Black people deserve love and respect. Blairisms are affirmations meant to inspire, create moments of reflection and hopefully a little laughter. The #BLAIRISMS family works to strengthen individuals and communities with a healthy dose of honesty, inspiration, reflection and laughter. This “Edu-tainment” lifestyle brand encourages self-care, accountability, self-advocacy, and above all else…LOVE!

Get social with them and check out their merchandise at  www.theblairisms.com or IG the.blairisms.


Wow! Vanessa Williams is wearing one of their shirts. Credit: Instagram/Vanessa Williams