Ray J and Jackie Long Star In ‘The App That Stole Christmas’

‘Tis the season to binge watch Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit with family and friends. Adding some humor to the holidays for films to watch on streaming services, film director and producer Monica Floyd will debut “The App That Stole Christmas” on Netflix this November 20, 2020. The romantic holiday comedy features a roster of talented leading stars including Ray J, Jackie Long, Elise Neal, J. Anthony Brown,  Jalyn Hall,  J Young MDK and more. Subscribers will go on a comedic quest while discovering the importance of life and love this holiday season.

“We are adding to the joys of Christmas with our humor-filled magic,” states film director, producer, and CEO of True Vision Media Group Monica Floyd. “We’re so excited for our film to join Netflix’s Christmas-themed roster along with tons of other excellent movies.”

The App That Stole Christmas is a new family-values classic with a comedic-tech twist. While a tech entrepreneur’s Christmas shopping app is a smashing success, the invention is possibly ruining the holiday spirit. The focus of the film is to get people to put their apps away and be present.

“The movie is in line with our company’s mission of uplifting and inspiring through the arts,” Floyd states. “Just like in any good Christmas movie, I want subscribers who watch this film to be motivated to find balance in this tech-driven world.”