TikTok Stars Makin’ Noise

Throughout a tumultuous 2020, TikTok has been a refuge from the outside world, providing a welcome distraction with music new and old. Below, find some interesting stories from the world of music that have made waves on TikTok recently:

  • One particular diva was extremely excited for the start of a new season. Slowly becoming as synonymous with Christmas as Santa Claus, Mariah Carey took to TikTok to mark the official beginning of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” season. Rest assured that you’ll be hearing the song all over TikTok and everywhere else over the coming weeks.
  • Possibly the most popular pop group of the 2000s, the Black Eyed Peas are making their presence felt on TikTok with their Justin Timberlake-featuring 2003 hit “Where Is The Love?” (1.3 million video creations). The song’s memorable riff has inspired a new side-stepping dance trend, fit for describing DGAF attitudes about washing dishes, procrastination on school workhalloween monster dance-offs, and more.
  • “Where Is The Love?” isn’t the only 2000s hit that’s having a moment on the platform. UK R&B duo Mary Mary’s 2007 song “Walking” (41k video creations) has become a popular meme to describe those with a reason to strut, from Power Rangers, to elementary school mean girls, to cheerful bernedoodles. Nappy Roots‘ cheerful classic “Good Day” (195k creations) is also spreading positive vibes in videos about rescuing animals (cats and even elephants!) and socially-distant volleyball. And viral dance originator Soulja Boy is trending once again, as TikTok users turn to Ying Yang Twins and their 2002 anthem “Say I Yi Yi” (over 2 million creations) when they want to show off their wild sides.
  • In TikTok chart news, country star Luke Combs‘ strategy to debut audio from his song “Forever After All” (81k video creations) early on TikTok paid off in a big way. After months of organic growth after its release as a TikTok sound over the summer–and after it soundtracked one memorable wedding proposal–”Forever After All” debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, generating over 29 million on-demand streams in its first week. The song also moved 52,000 sales, topping Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart.
  • Electronic/pop artist Stellar is the latest rising artist to score a surprise TikTok hit. On his song “Ashes” (1.6 million video creations), Stellar rides a rubbery bassline as he expresses his frustration with being trapped in a relationship with a controlling ex. After the song exploded, Stellar filmed himself telling his ex that the song he wrote about her went viral on TikTok. The video generated over 45 million views, and he recently posted a Part 2, in which he plays her his song “Blur” (which is also about her). Based on her reaction, don’t expect a Part 3.
  • Indie artist Grandson has made waves on TikTok and elsewhere with his song “Blood/Water” (179k video creations). He’s also an active user of the platform, sharing behind-the-scenes clips from his music videos, reacting to a viral dance created by @madyvivian to his song “Dirty,” and giving a history lesson about how “Blood/Water” came to be.

TikTok is an oasis of joy, a place for its community to come to relieve stress. As the app wraps up a successful year, it will continue to play a major role in its users’ lives, providing needed doses of cheer and optimism and driving the cultural conversation.