First Listen: Lucidious Releases ‘On The Surface’

Listen up for emerging Los Angeles artist Lucidious, who just released his pop-infused hip-hop track, “On The Surface,” which is available on all platforms at https://vibe.to/on-the-surface.

The handsome artist has a special name for his  fans, “Lucidians,” and they are  “deeply connected on a personal level to the lyrical content of his music.”  Lucidious, who was originally from the  outskirts of Washington, D.C., has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans. He has been true to himself as an artist by taking steps to build his career organically –zero label investment, zero playlist placement and zero outside marketing influence.
“I’m simply looking to create music that will heal pieces of myself that are damaged from my past, and lead listeners to the same resolution I have found on this journey. There is greatness found on the other side of pain, and anything is possible,” he states.
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Courtesy Lucidious Music