(Film Look) Rashida Jones & Marlon Wayans Star In ‘On The Rocks’



During 2020, everyone’s lives have been turned topsy-turvy, but the heartwarming, relationship film “On The Rocks” is destined to become a fall-favorite for movie buffs.

The film, directed by critically acclaimed Sofia Coppola, stars Bill Murray,  Rashida Jones and  Marlon Wayans, who paint an interesting landscape where imperfect relationships are tackled in a ticklish way.  Jones plays the part of a  married woman who wonders if her “workaholic” husband is getting too cozy with a co-worker.

Jones’ film dad, Felix, portrayed by Murray, decides to start a family investigation, which leads them to do some sleuthing. During their adventures, father and daughter will find themselves cruising  through the film, developing self-realization and discovery in the process.

“On The Rocks” can be seen in select cities (now) and on Apple TV+ on October 23, 2020.