Bungee Brand Founder Darrell Alston Celebrates National Sneakers Day

Darrell Alston’s footwear line, Bungee Brand,  is taking the country by storm, and in honor of  National Sneakers Day, October 9, 2020, Right On! Digital is spotlighting the popular line.
The Bungee Brand apparel is a Black-owned lifestyle brand started by a young man who beat the odds. Darrell Alston is a convicted felon who turned his life around to be an inspiration to others just like him. His Bungee Brand specializes in high quality men and women lifestyle fashions and is worn by various influencers, including  FOX TV and radio host Quincy Harris  and boxing champ Bernard Hopkins.
“Since my life was always like a ‘bungee cord,’ I decided to name my footwear line Bungee, meaning you can bounce back from whatever life throws at you,” Alston tells Right On! Digital.


Credit: Bungee Brand


The luxury shoe line’s latest edition  is the Bungee Oblečení (pictured here). The Fall/Winter  2020 will  include  the Oblečení “Camarillo,”  the line’s Signature Classic low top shoe, just in time  for Christmas giving!

Boxing champ Bernard Hopkins has on the Bungee Obleceni Camarillo footwear. Credit: Bungeee Brand

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