STEVE On Watch: How To Talk To Black Children About The Police

Check out this episode of STEVE on Watch where young actress Storm Reid, actor Lonnie Chavis and his mom Najah Chavis, and Brittany Gilliam – who was mistakenly handcuffed along with children by police this Summer – join Steve Harvey to have a sobering and illuminating discussion about how Black children are taught about and react to police brutality throughout society.

Entitled “How To Talk To Black Children About The Police,” Harvey’s episode centers around the story behind the heartbreaking video of several kids crying out while handcuffed on the ground. When it went public,  it brought up an important question: how are Black kids reacting to police brutality and what can parents do about it? The mother and aunt of those young kids, as well as young actors Lonnie Chavis and Storm Reid share their personal experiences.

Watch the new episode HERE:



Steve on Watch – Facebook Watch Photo: Nathan Bolster


Highlights from the episode include:

  • Storm Reid discusses her upbringing as a Black woman in the U.S.and what changes are necessary to secure the future of Black people:
    • “From a time I can remember I’ve always been afraid of the police…” – Storm Reid 
    • “It’s not something that my mom or the people around me were telling me, like all police officers are bad, but I just feel not protected and unsafe and… I do understand that there is a lack of concern for Black life and that we’re dehumanized for existing.” – Storm Reid 
    • “I am very cognizant that this is a systematic and cultural problem and it has to start with the people who are doing the injustices.” – Storm Reid 
  • Steve Harvey shares his thoughts on what is desperately needed for police reform throughout the country:
    • “In police training, which is entirely too short…in 22 weeks you get a gun and get to decide whether somebody lives or dies.” – Steve Harvey
    • “Somewhere in the police training, there has to be a special course on racial sensitivity.” – Steve Harvey
    • “When you go in and you think that all Black people are strong, athletic, now you don’t even want to tango with them.”
    • “We’re not animals, we have families, we love our children, we want to have a safe & healthy normal lifestyle – those are the things Black people really do want.” – Steve Harvey
    • “I think to help these young people’s lives out, we have to have mandatory police sentencing.” – Steve Harvey
  • Najah Chavis shares her story of raising her children in today’s society:
    • “We have to take precautionary measures as to not wear a hoodie on your head. You know when you become a driver not to be having your music loud; you know turn your music down, you cannot ride in a car unfortunately with your Black home boy. I would rather take these precautionary measures because we can die for doing nothing, for being Black, for existing.” – Najah Chavis
    • “It’s a heart issue. So it’s not every white person is gonna hate you, not every police officer is bad, but it’s individuals who do have an issue with their heart…where people are having a problem with you because you’re Black.” – Najah Chavis