Lit! A Fall Roundup of 5 Really Good Books


Reading is very enlightening and this selection of my fall favorites will inspire readers to strive for excellence. Here’s who made it into our literary class of greatness.




What an honor. Former President Barack Obama penned the foreword for David Katz’s forthcoming book BARACK BEFORE OBAMA by David Katz (Ecco; on-sale December 1, 2020). In the foreword, Obama writes, “our lives have changed a great deal since these photos were taken. The whole world has…But when I look back to the days when it was all just beginning, what I’m struck by is how many things haven’t changed at all: The comfort of the embrace of family and friends. The hope that carries us through long days. And the belief in a country that still has brighter days ahead.”  Truly, the lens gave an indelible impression on a leader’s life.




“People To Know In Black History & Beyond: Recognizing The Heroes and Heroes Who Make The Grade” by NYC WBLS air personality Doctor Bob Lee, is a wealth of knowledge about entertainers, notables and icons who have made a difference. Included in this book, which is available on Amazon.com, is Right On! Digital’s Cynthia Horner.  Doctor Bob Lee is the CEO and founder of The Make The Grade Foundation, which provides educational and technological resources for students. Lee, an actor and television host of Bronx Net’s topical series, “Open,” is planning to release a series of volumes on more heroes and sheroes who have had a positive impact on our culture.

At the time Amber Books released “The Story Of Chadwick Boseman: The Black Panther” by Tony Rose, the popular actor was still living.  Little did his fans know that in weeks to come, they would learn that he had been battling colon cancer. This brave warrior’s story is a must-read for his fans. Amber Books is an Image Award-winning publishing company for literature and has an impressive series of celebrity titles. Available through Amazon Books and www.amberpublishing.com.


Courtesy Adrienne Bankert


Celebrating the recent launch of her book, “Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone,”  ABC News  and Good Morning America correspondent Adrienne Bankert partnered with Global Angel. Together, they are spreading messages of kindness through a collection of tees which carry words of encouragement from her book. The kindness collection benefits Sacramento Helping Hands with 25% of each sale going towards their cause. Bankert states, “We need constant reminders that kindness is not just polite. Kindness is powerful. Wearing messages from Your Hidden Superpower is only the beginning of signaling a shift in perspective and prioritizing kindness at a time when we truly need more generosity and compassion. Global Angel’s mission to give back 25% of the proceeds to charity is a wonderfully conscious business platform. For years I have looked for creative ways to give to. worthy causes, and this is one simple and effective way to impact the community and positive change.“ Published by HarperCollins Leadership and available on Amazon.com.







Largely regarded as the world’s best guitarist, the late Jimi Hendrix, who died September 18, 1970, has been the subject of many books. According to author Corey A. Washington, there is a  distinct difference in this book, Jimi Hendrix Black Legacy (A Dream Deferred), available on Amazon.com.  Washington states, “Jimi Hendrix: Black Legacy (JHBL) is a book of selective mathematics: it’s always about addition and multiplication, and never about division or subtraction. I want to make sure that young, old, Black, white, and everyone in between, knows that Jimi Hendrix’s legacy is all inclusive. Most of the books written about Jimi Hendrix so far, have been from a Eurocentric point of view. It’s hard to really gauge how much of an impact Jimi Hendrix has had on the Black community by reading these books. Many times, what people take away from these books, is the narrative that Black people rejected Jimi, so he had to go to Europe to be accepted. This is only partially true and conveniently leaves out his many interactions within the black community, both pre and post fame, and subsequent efforts to bring in more fans of color.”