Twin Artists Double Xperience Call For Non Violence In ‘Change’ Video

 Twins Double Xperience use news footage of Black Lives Matter protests condemning the police killing of George Floyd to make a poignant statement about the need to end all forms of violence — police brutality, domestic violence, child abuse and more. The footage serves as the visual for the San Antonio-based hip hop, pop and R&B artists’ music video for their socially conscious song “Change.” 

The song with the call-to-action message includes the lyrics, “We as people need to change, we as people need to learn, we as people don’t need pain, hatred and anger in our hearts.”

Group member Wil’Smov, who formed Double Xperience with his identical twin Silk, explains the song’s universal theme. “It’s basically about everything that’s going on, everything goes hand in hand,” he says. “The protests, the police, parents abusing their children. Basically, what the song is talking about is that everybody is always looking to someone else to make these changes. But if everybody would just change themselves then all of this craziness would not be going on in the world.”


Courtesy Media & Repertoire


The song that features additional vocals from Alexis Vashone also makes an important point about not being influenced by all of the negativity in the world. It includes the lyric, “Don’t let it change the true you,” and the video features a clip of Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, addressing the city following protests for George Floyd that erupted in looting, violence and destruction of property. “You have no right to perpetuate violence and harm on the very community that you say that you are standing up for,” Jenkins says in the news clip from May 2020.

Silks hopes the song will encourage listeners. “Don’t worry about the next man,” he says. “Change yourself. Don’t be a follower. Try to be a leader.”

The multi-talented artists are also models and actors have a number of impressive credits. Wil’Smov appears in Jessica Alba film “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World,” Silk stars in “Corruption.Gov” with Lee Majors and Michael Madsen and they have several works in production.