(Video) Kelliyah Paris Releases ‘Ayo’

North London artist Kelliyah Paris is ready to release her debut single “AYO.”  The 16 years old’s first single was written at the tender age of 13 and was recorded at 14. 

Kelliyah was ready to share her music, however her career was put on hold due to her cancer treatment.  Given her intense psychological trauma caused by ovarian cancer, Kelliyah had to find the courage through therapy to beat her image anxiety and is now learning to embrace her surgery scars.  Kelliyah is now in remission and is on full form to perform and share her talent with the world. 

AYO is a low tone pop song recorded in Paris. Inspired by her culture and teenage lifestyle, the song explores Kelliyah’s travelling ventures and points out her bulling experience where she explains that “AYO you don’t know me don’t know why you hate tho,” a typical outline of teenage feuds from high school finding their identities. Through the song Kelliyah exclusively showcases her lyrics in French, which she learned at school in Paris.

Follow Kelliyah’s journey on Instagram: @kk_toospecial