Entanglements? Dancehall’s Kranium Offers Music All About Them


We’re pretty sure that anyone who  is reading this  article has had heard the famous statement “entanglement” from the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett and Will Smith that aired on Facebook and later appeared on Right On! Digital. Basically, in layman’s terms, it’s a synonym for situationships and relationships with certain conditions. However, Jada isn’t the only one who has weighed in on such a topic; Dancehall star Kranium knows this space all too well.

Some would say, the key to managing “entanglements” is to remind all involved parties of their role. Kranium explores this thought and other central themes across his catalog–which covers  love, public perceptions of his relationships, living life to the fullest, and everything that’s come with his rise to fame–the good, bad, and everything in between.

At times his stress levels can be heightened so much to the point where he’s admittedly fell into “entanglements” to find relief. Should Kranium and Jada share stories? It would be quite the conversation.

Usually, men are perceived as prideful and non-transparent, but Kranium offers music that proves   the preconceived notion incorrect. Since Kranium explores the topic of “entanglements” from a third party view, he serves as an example to men who make and don’t make music, that it’s okay to be transparent.

To get a better understanding of Kranium’s point of view, you can stream “Gal Policy,” “Last Night,” and “Nobody Has To Know” on your favorite digital platform along with his latest album “Midnight Sparks.”