All-Star Cast Gets Set To Shoot Horror Film ‘Call Time’

20/20 Vizion Entertainment and 1st Dibz Productions in association with Love Logan Productions are gearing up to film the dramatic horror film “Call Time,” written by Nicanson Guerrier. According to  1st Dibz CEO James Hunter,  “Call Time” will begin filming for two weeks starting August 10, 2020.

Former “Moesha” star Marcus T. Paulk stars as Phillip in the film. Courtesy 2020 Vizion Entertainment


This film is directed by 20/20 Vizion Derrick Hammond and stars   Marcus T. Paulk (Moesha and new scripted series Pump),  Royce Reed (VH1’s Basketball Wives),  Lynese Wiley AKA Babs Bunny (MTV’s Making of the Band and YouTube series Queen of the Ring),  YouTube sensation Tyrone Magnus and Influencer Mercedes Gutierrez. “Call Time”  will be shot on a closed set in adherence for COVID-19 regulation  in a historic private location tucked away in Alachua, FL.

Royce Reed portrays Valerie Evans in this new film. Courtesy 2020 Vizion Entertainment

“Call Time” tells a story about an inexperienced film crew and has-been director Ethan Shaw who attempt to film the greatest scary movie of all time. Little do they know, they are the main stars of the show. Some of the characters’ greed for Hollywood fame turns into a series of twisted betrayal. The guilty rises from the ashes as the innocent fall under grotesque bloodshed.