Shop On! Right On! Digital’s Summer Beauty And Fashion Guide


Summer is still in full effect, and here’s an assortment of new products that you might want to try check out. And don’t keep the good news to yourself!




These multi-colored  crystal earrings are included in a dazzling array of accessories by Kristen Fenrick, CEO of Klearly Kristen who celebrates the art of fashion and is on a mission to accessorize America! Fun summer jewelry stands out at https://klearlykristenjewelry.com.

Credit: Klearly Kristen




Credit: Actsyl

We all know someone who has suffered from Traction Alopecia, the horrific resulting side effect of many years of sporting “beweavable” hair!  Images of popular singers and actresses easily come to mind of its sufferers.  Even “lace fronts” can’t save you as they, too, can cause premature receding hair lines.  Luckily for most, traction alopecia can be reversible.  Introducing Actsyl-3, an easily applied restorative hair growth serum “specifically designed to address hair loss in women.” The proven ingredients in Actsyl can help regrow hair, increase thickness, and reduce shedding. Furthermore, 85% of users have seen results in just 60 days! Retailing at $25.00 on Amazon, Walmart.com and via www.actsyl.com, Actsyl-3 can truly be touted as the new “must-have” for women worldwide who are experiencing varying stages of hair loss.


Credit: JC Penney

Looking for some cute summer wear? Say “yes” to www.jcpenney.com where budget-conscious shoppers can find such merchandise as Xersion Move Womens High Rise Slim Legging, $29.99 and  the Xersion Womens Round Neck Sleeveless Tank Top, $14.99.

Credit: Nordstrom


Do your eyelashes need help? Neu Lash  is a nutrient-rich formula that delivers benefits beyond conditioning to dramatically improve the appearance of weak eyelashes in 30 days. What it does: Sodium hyaluronate, known for its ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, saturates your lashes in hydration, boosting softness, elasticity and shine. How to use: Apply nightly to the base of your upper eyelashes. Continue using to maintain the condition and appearance of your lashes. Once your desired results are achieved, apply every other day.  www.nordstrom.com



Credit: Skinny Tees

“Whatever you shape or shade, we are here to help,” says Linda Schlesinger-Wagner, founder of skinnytees™.  The brand’s most popular styles, the Basic Tank and Basic Cami, are both a closet must-have.  It features wider bra-friendly straps and a longer length. It smooths out bumps and lumps, and ensures that you never get the dreaded peek-a-boo of your undies. Stretching but never stretching out, this tank is a great piece for all ages and body types. www.skinnytees.com



Credit: Facebook

The Arcani Coil Care line continues to expand.  In addition to their popular products, they have rolled out a few new ones that are sure to make hair easier to manage. Why not try one of the following products?

Enthroned Edges #RUBCHALLENGE This edge control is water based. It works on natural and relaxed hair and the hold lasts 3 to 5 days before needed to reapply!

 Glory Leave-In Conditioner/ Detangling Spray Glory Leave In Conditioner ™ to the rescue! Infused with Aloe Vera water and other moisturizing ingredients.

Instagram/Jerricha Hoskins, founder, Arcani Coil Care

Royal Roots Deep Conditioner This product has a unique formula that adds shine and body to all hair types. It works well with dry hair, helping repair problem areas.  The conditioner does not create buildup on your hair and plus, it’s a great detangler.

 Royal Coils Curl Defining Gel A light hold moisturizing and defining gel. When applied to wet hair it dries, forming a moisture-protective cast to enhance curls.

Follicle Stimulator Previously called GROWTH OIL.  it’s infused with proven growth stimulating ingredients! Ideal for use during protective styles. Products can be found at www.arcanicoilcare.com.