Miko Branch’s 3 Foolproof Tips To Fight The Frizz


Say bye to hot days with a good hair day – everyday!  Naturally curly hair needs big time moisture to prevent big time frizz. But, the higher heat + humidity = higher susceptibility to the dreaded frizz. Ugh.

Curlfriends, we can’t let hot weather cause a hot hair mess!

Miko Branch, CEO of the award-winning curly hair care brand found in mass retailers nationwide – Miss Jessie’s – shares 3 foolproof ways to fight the frizz and rejoice in your ringlets!


  1. Power to the shower. 

Swap the scalding hot water with lukewarm water. Don’t wash your textured hair daily as it dries it out and leads to frizz. Avoid shampoos that strip your strands, and make moisturizing your BFF with a softening conditioner that nourishes your crowning glory. Lastly, detangle with lots of love and a wide-tooth comb.  (Recommended sulfate free shampoo: Miss Jessie’s Harm Me Knot)


  1. Styling and drying.

While your mane is wet, weatherproof your ringlets with a styling product that locks in moisture, adds natural hold, and prevents greasy build-up. Now onto drying hair – without drying it out that is! Air dry is always the best dry when it comes to protecting your curly tresses. If you don’t have the time, use a hair dryer (keep the setting low!) with a diffuser attachment to avoid frizz. Lastly, love on your locks – from root to tip – with an intense, once a week deep conditioner that brings life back to your hair, lends much-needed moisture, revitalizes curl formation, and adds elasticity and bounce.

(Recommended sweet almond oil and honey gelee: Miss Jessie’s Honey Curls)

Miss Jessie’s CEO Miko Branch and client courtesy Miss Jessie’s



  1. Friction means frizz.

The more friction in your hair, the more frizz you’ll wind up with. With freshly washed tresses, steer clear of an abrasive towel that sucks the moisture out of your curls, and use a microfiber towel instead. Never dry brush your tangles. Replace a cotton pillowcase that pulls on your strands with a silk or satin one that is much more gentle on your textured ‘do while you sleep, and maintains your hair’s natural oils. Also, prevent frizz on a daily basis with lightweight summer-friendly hydration. Shine on, lovelies!

(Recommended: Miss Jessie’s Gloss So Good Oil Spray)

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