Out Now: ‘Word Warriors III’, Featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner

The police beat me up, but in my rhymes I can fire back at the police,” says Tupac Shakur at the start of the trailer for the new  documentary film, WORD WARRIORS III. Socially relevant and radical, “WORD WARRIORS III” is now available on Dish, In Demand, Vubiquity (Verizon Fios), Hoopla (Libraries), Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, XBOX, Google Play, and YouTube Movies through Freestyle Digital Media.
Bringing attention to the injustice and racism faced by the Black community, WORD WARRIORS III takes viewers through decades of powerful social commentary that explores the mistreatment of Black men for over 60 years. How does the Black community achieve justice? WORD WARRIORS III suggests that “using our words as a weapon” versus guns and violence is the ultimate power. The documentary examines the perspectives of young Black poets such as Malcolm-Jamal Warner, community activists, and educators — from those who have been instrumental figures in the Civil Rights Movement to modern-day thought-leaders affected by the injustice still seen today. WORD WARRIORS III sounds the alarm calling for an end to the cyclical epidemic of destruction that has continuously attacked Black men.

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“WORD WARRIORS III is the antidote. It is a part of the solution that gives us the guidance and direction on how to heal as a global community,” said Takia “Tizzi” Green, Director and Producer of WORD WARRIORS III. “Using words as our weapon through artistic expression has created life since the beginning. The more we speak love and prosperity, the more we eliminate the wicked agenda of oppressors.”
WORD WARRIORS III features an impressive roster of talent such as Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Amiri Baraka, Daniel Beaty, Abiodun Oyewole, Ise Lyfe, Amina Baraka, Shirley Bradley LeFlore, Gregory Bell, Matthew Sutton, Eugene Redmond, and Treasure Redmond.
WORD WARRIORS III was written by Takia “Tizzi” Green & Lyah Beth LeFlore, directed by Jamal Joseph & Takia “Tizzi” Green, and produced by Takia “Tizzi” Green, Lyah Beth LeFlore, Walter Thurmond III, Jamal Joseph, and Kevin J. Nelson.
Word Warriors III Trailer | 2020
WAKE UP (Word Warriors III)