Bridge Philanthropic Consulting Joins Voices Honoring George Floyd

By Dwayne Ashley

Bridge Philanthropic Consulting, LLC (BPC) was founded with the mission to serve communities of Color by increasing resources to actively engage in social justice and social advocacy work. In the wake of another unjust murder by police, we are reminded of why social justice work in communities of color is so important. My fellow late Houstonian Brother, George Floyd, is the most recent symbol of why social justice leadership is more important than ever. We feel the pain, stress and disgust of watching the video of Mr. Floyd being murdered live on TV as he pleaded for his life.


Facebook/George Floyd


This incident, and far too many similar ones, call upon us spiritually and morally to do something to help stop this never-ending pattern of Black people being victims of crime at the hands of police. Too often, those police do so with impunity.

We know this all too well as our mothers and fathers are still having the Black male rite of passage conversation that started with our ancestors in the late 1800s and has carried on to our families in 2020, “Don’t talk back to the police and keep quiet because the bad police will kill you.” Every Black family knows all too well the necessity of having “the talk” with their sons, grandsons, brothers, and nephews. We feel the pain of the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, and all those who have lost their lives to generational lynching and murder.

BPC will continue to work with organizations to help fundraise, organize, and mobilize our communities to change the systemic social, economic, and political inequality behind the curtain of injustice. We cannot win by destroying communities and businesses, as this will only cause further economic damage to our people and the country.

We stand strongly in solidarity with the peaceful acts of protest across the country and look forward to continuing the support of our communities.