Master P Takes A Stand On Social Injustice In The Streets Of Minneapolis

​In the midst of civil unrest, Percy “Master P” Miller provisioned his obligation as a father, citizen and a Black man by showing his support in the streets where George Floyd was slain. Surrounded by hundreds of passionate protesters, clothed in hurt, with emotionless faces wondering, “what are we going to do next”, Master P openly expressed his support for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and his compassion and empathy for George Floyd’s wife, daughter and family. As a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and community leader, Miller shared the importance of exercising your First Amendment right and also the significance of group economics.


“ I applaud my people for protesting and uniting for change. I’m sickened and heartbroken​. ​We are stronger together. Let’s buy our blocks back through education and preparing the next generation with financial literacy. #GodIsGood #WeAllWeGot” – Percy Miller

George Floyd is one of the 422 people who have been shot and killed by police this year. Video footage of his detainment surfaced showing an officer kneeling on his neck while he pleaded for his life went viral. Master P, like many others, has had enough with the balant abuse of power by city officials. Black communities have suffered from limited accessibility to resources, systemic racism and outdated policies as a plague nationwide. Master P shares that financial literacy is the only way to level the playing field. His remarks speak of justice for those who have unjustly lost their lives due to the hands of law enforcement, imprisonment for all officers involved, and lastly implementing a preventative action plan for Black Americans through education and ownership of businesses, buildings and properties in our communities.