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Check out our spring beauty and style guide where we showcase some of the latest items that will brighten your day.


NATURAL GROWTH BIOTIN DROPS: These maximum absorption drops from Natural Beauty  are a dietary supplement and are recommended to be taken orally once daily by ingesting them directly or adding to water or juice. The liquid biotin formula helps support hair growth and reduces hair loss. Aside from being easier to consume, liquid biotin is absorbed up to 5X more by your body than comparable biotin pills or biotin gummies. The Natural Growth Biotin drops come in a natural vanilla flavor and include 5,000MCG of Biotin for maximum results. https://letsgonatural.com

NATURAL GROWTH OIL WITH EMU OIL: Three times  the results most hair growth oils on the market! Natural Beauty’s antioxidant-rich formula is potent. The all-natural hair growth oil works amazing on thinning edges and also helps to repair damage from sew-ins and braids. The convenient applicator makes it easy to get to the scalp while wearing protective styles (ex. sew-ins, braids). Natural Growth Oil not only promotes thicker and healthier hair but it also nourishes and shines while and soothing dry/itchy scalps. https://letsgonatural.com/

Credit: Natural Beauty



NATURAL GROWTH BUTTER: If you are looking for a product to soften, moisturize and nourish your hair then look no further as this whipped butter is your new go-to. Natural Beauty’s Natural Growth Butter conditions, softens and strengthens hair all while soothing the scalp and stimulating hair growth. This product works amazingly well on thinning edges however it is not just for that. Trade thin, slow-growing tresses for thicker, longer hair with an exclusive blend of shea butter, aloe vera, essential oils, and silk amino acids. (This editor’s fave!)

Credit: Parisa Wang

Designer Parisa Wang recalls, “Born  out of a heartbreak, my first handbag design was inspired by a quote from Shakespeare, ‘Wear my heart on my sleeve.’ From then on, each bag is a stage of love and is crafted with the finest materials.”  It’s love at first sight for these chic and structured styles that range from crossbody leather bags to bracelet bags. Parisa Wang’s designs are available through commerce at shareable.com or https://www.parisawang.com.


Innovative New York City designer Hope Maddox decided to make stylish masks for her friends and clients who are concerned about protecting their faces during the recent CoronaVirus epidemic. Colors and patterns run the gamut, and the blue and gold mask featured here was designed to pay tribute to her sorors in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.


Check out her Facebook and Instagram pages @ChezMaddox for additional designs. (Masks can be personalized upon request for an additional cost.)


Credit: Beast Brands

Beast Brands  creates personal care products for grownups and beasts of all kind! Made in the USA, the brand formulates their all-in-on products from shampoo and conditioners to soaps and lotions, with natural, intense botanicals that make you feel good.


Credit: Take My Face Off

Take My Face Off creates reusable, super soft makeup removing Makeup Mittys and Mitty Minis that are much better for the environment than single-use products like makeup wipes and cotton balls. They are on the forefront of combating the beauty waste issue with gentle and effective beauty tools. Plus, they take off every trace of makeup, are way cuter than a gross old washcloth, and can even be used on eyelash extensions!

Credit: Guide Beauty

GUIDE BEAUTY is a collection of makeup tools and products that reimagine the way we apply makeup. Achieve a new level of skill and confidence with makeup that literally GUIDES your hand to better application. For over 25 years, GUIDE’s founder, Terri Bryant, worked as a celebrity makeup artist and an educator creating programs for world-renowned prestige makeup brands. But her clients often lamented that learning the steps to applying makeup didn’t necessarily translate into being able to apply it with confidence. Now, they can!