(Watch) Shade 45’s Daniel Jean Partners with MTA To Make Subways Clean

Social media influencer, radio host on Shade 45, and comedian Daniel Jean partners with the MTA to create a hilarious skit. It highlights the recent efforts the MTA has been doing recently to clean the metro subways systems, much to the delight of New York City, which many residents have longed for!

Daniel Jean might have just started a trend by using his platform not only to make people laugh but also to partner with a significant organization and to educate people on what’s going on in the world. Jean wanted to do that in the best way he knew how to! It has been a widespread belief that comedy is therapy, and Daniel Jean is no exception to that statement.

“All of my friends and family have felt terrible recently and rightfully so about the recent Coronavirus scare,” he said. “With all of the grim news going on about the infection, I wanted to be one of the few and the original to use their platform to not only encourage but to bring joy and laughter to people who are suffering from the aftermath of the effects of the illness.”

Daniel is not only big on his jokes and muscles, but his heart is big and full of love. The love for people inspired him the most in doing the skit, and he hopes that it starts a trend of celebrities/influencers to follow suit and to use their gifts to bring joy to people when they need them the most.

With multiple interviews on big time platforms, movie appearance, and a plethora of skits that went viral on social media, Daniel is showing the world that regardless of the obstacles 2020 presents for him, he is moving forward.

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