NFL Star/Rapper Melvin Ingram Releases “Painting Pictures”

Young Paper Chasers CEO and  Los Angeles Chargers Defensive End Melvin Ingram just released his new single called “Painting Pictures.”

The track is a heartfelt narrative about him “painting the picture” of the moments of him losing his friends along the way to success. Thus showcasing full transparency with another side of the Melvin that most fans don’t expect.

Courtesy Young Paper Chasers


Unlike most athletes who venture into music, he wants to let fans around the world know that he always aspired to be a groundbreaking musical, not for it to be a hobby.  According to King Mel, “Normally rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers. However,  ever since my youth, I was ultra passionate about both, so I had to achieve success in one venture so that I could fund the other. Thus, I’m not an athlete with the aspiration of going into music but a natural musician who is also a Grade A professional athlete.”

Check out the new single, which is streaming on all platforms: