This is How Much Morning Routines Can Cost

If you shared a bathroom with a sibling growing up or you lived in a co-ed dorm, you might not need to wonder about the time spent getting ready in the morning. One thing is for sure — women ted to spend longer getting ready.

I asked a few coworkers about their experiences, but one stuck out to me. He explains below.

“As a single male growing up throughout my teens, I never really paid any attention to the amount of time I spent getting ready each morning. I was always content to just brush my teeth, have a shower, blow dry my hair, then make a vague attempt to style it to a passable level (curly hair is not the easiest to work with believe me) and leave to begin my day. 

Now that I’m a happily married man, I get to actually see my partner’s routine in the morning and I’m constantly amazed at how much longer she takes in our shared bathroom than me!  With what seems to be an endless amount of blow-drying and then straightening her hair, I’ve relegated myself to getting ready in the morning in our second bathroom just to speed things up!”

This encouraged me to think about it a little harder though, are the sexes really that different overall when it comes to the average time getting ready in the morning? Or is my partner just being a bathroom hog?

Well, it turns out we are pretty different according to a recent study. On average it seems across the board that women take longer getting ready than men and are more likely to spend longer in the bathroom showering, styling their hair, and picking out the perfect outfit to wear.  

This may be no surprise, but what was surprising to me and something I had never thought about was just how much our morning routines actually cost us!  Blow drying your hair for 10 minutes? That will be $3 dollars please, using hair straighteners? That’ll be $1.

For those of us that blow-dry and straighten our hair each day we can expect to pay $1,460 a year just in electricity bills alone. Interestingly, it seems that around 84% of men don’t bother styling their hair at all so I’m stuck in that 16% who do and probably aren’t saving as much money!

Whatever your morning routine is, do make sure to share the bathroom, and if you want to save money, perhaps consider a hairstyle that won’t take precious morning time or