Rap Pioneer Roxanne Shante Featured On TV One’s Unsung

The award-winning series TV One’s Unsung just debuted an episode on trailblazer Roxanne Shante, a Right On! fan fave who was a pioneer in the field of rap music.

At the dawn of hip hop, an unlikely star emerged as the reigning MC of the notorious Queensbridge battle rap scene – 14-year-old Shante Gooden, better known as Roxanne Shante. Born the eldest of four girls to a single mother, Shante used her fierce battle skills, honed during street battles with local MC’s for cash, and become rap’s first female star MC with the release of her 1984 hit, “Roxanne’s Revenge.” Her take-no-prisoners verbal assaults as part of the famed Juice Crew shot her to the top of the underground rap scene before an abusive relationship with an older man almost ended her career before it could take off. On this episode of UNSUNG, Shante shares her story from humble beginnings in the projects, to the height of her career as first lady of the legendary Cold Chillin’ Records and reveals why, at only 25-years-old, she walked away from it all.

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