New Music: Dakari Eli’s “Why Him?”

Dakari Eli, Urban Magazine’s editor-in-chief, released a video to accompany her critically acclaimed single “Why Him?”.

Widely known as the host of the popular podcast The Bigger Picture and editor-in-chief of Urban Magazine, Dakari Eli is an outspoken voice in the African American community and an advocate for multicultural feminism.

Deeply spiritual, she achieved Reiki Level 2 under Reiki Master Jody Cleveland while also pursuing independent studies in Astrology. She also uses her public platforms to champion numerous causes including gender equality, wildlife and environmental conservation, children’s rights, and religious freedom.

As executive producer and host of The Bigger Picture, Eli provides commentary on a wide range of subjects including news, politics, music and social issues with specially invited guests, experts, and celebrities. Featured guests include Beverly Bond, Nick Cannon, Gail Bean, and Amara La Negra.

“Why Him? is a soft and sultry ballad that unveils a story of heartbreak and despair. Anyone that’s ever been hurt in a relationship can connect with Dakari’s passion and pain that she expresses so beautifully through this song.” – Qiana The Goddess, VPR Radio

 Outside of her aforementioned roles, she is a freelance makeup artist and accomplished photographer. Follow her @dakarieli