Actor/Producer Michael B. Jordan Urges Audiences To See ‘Just Mercy’

By Michael B. Jordan
Every day, innocent Black people are imprisoned in our country, but we rarely see their stories on the big screen. That’s why I’m so proud to have had an opportunity to work on Just Mercy, a film that hit theaters on January 10, 2020 and tells the story about modern day hero Bryan Stevenson and his Equal Justice Initiative. Will you join us to see the film in theaters? 

“Just Mercy” stars turn out to bring star power. Credit: #JustMercy


As an actor and producer on the film, with my company Outlier Society, this is a story that I know has real implications in our world today. Authentic storytelling can serve as a powerful deterrent to the fear and racism that drive our justice system. When faced with the human emotion and devastating impact of injustice, we must demand change. We must work together to keep the story from repeating itself.
We hear too often of individuals who face or challenge unjust charges in the news. Meanwhile, entire families, communities and whole generations have been swept up into these necessary fights for freedom.
The story of Just Mercy is one of community, justice and redemption on death row. It’s the story Black communities across the country face with evolution of slavery: our criminal justice system.
Just Mercy will bring the full story out of the shadows and I hope you are able to come out to see what hope and fight looks like.