(Watch) Is Jacquees The True King of R&B?



Sway and Jacquees go one on one about the state of R&B music. Credit: TRL


Jacquees recently dropped by TRL to talk to Sway about  his new album, King of R&B. He also opens up about his relationship with Chicago rapper Dreezy, his musical influences, and getting back to making “traditional” R&B.


When asked about being challenged for his spot as the “King of R&B” by YK Osiris, he tells Sway:

“I don’t know him,” saying, “I have no clue who the kid is.”


Credit: Facebook/Jacquees

Jacquees shares the time Trey Songz called him in the middle of the night to tell him to seize the moment:

“Get out of bed. You need to drop something right now. Keep that same energy. Put out music right now, because now you got ‘em.”


When Sway asks about his relationship with Dreezy:

“My girl’s inspiring…  I write off of experiences, and I had a lot of great experiences with her and we’re still having great experiences, so it’s easy. She was with me through the whole process of the album… and she’s seen me grind on it.”