Everyone Fits In Annessa Smith’s Bold Swimwear Vision

@Thicknthinswimwear designer and founder Annessa Smith is looking to stir up the waters at the beach this coming summer, with a revolution in swimwear, as her recent runway debut at the Top Line Divas We Slay Our Day Our Way, announced to a thrilled audience. Displaying her vision at the “We Slay Our Day Our Way” event in the City of Brotherly Love, Annessa is telling the world that everyone, tall, short, slim, or plus-size, can get into a swimsuit and be fabulously sexy at poolside or on the shore.
“While shopping in stores, my friends and I get discouraged at the prices of quality swimwear and just walk away,” Annessa recently told Hustle And Soul Magazine. “The colors, styles, quality, multiple sizes all at an affordable price point just wasn’t out there. So I decided to create my own line of swimwear that women of all shapes and sizes could love.”
Annessa is a gifted entrepreneur, mom, and swimwear designer who believes you can take that seaside vacation, no matter what your dimensions, and feel sexy and good in beach attire every time. That’s what her brand, Thick N Thin Swimwear is all about. For the Top Line Divas event, Annessa highlighted the concept that yes, you can find that swimsuit which becomes you

Credit: MNS Media


in the most positive way! Among the delightful pieces on display for the show was Annessa’s premiere creation, the Sky Suit. “Definitely the Sky Suit. She was actually my first design. She’s a colorblock one piece. But still very sexy,” Smith says. “[It has a] deep V cut in front with a tie belt. The belt was created to camouflage our most hated part of our body. Our bellies. When speaking to almost a hundred women, mostly all have said we hate our bellies.”
Looking beyond the runway, Annessa has exciting new designs utilizing bright, warm hues that will change the way women look amidst the waves. “There will be more sexy (but comfortable) styles that everyone will love no matter your size. I’ll have
something for everyone,” she promises. In Annessa’s inclusive view of fashion, there’s a place for one and all. Visit www.thicknthinswimwear.com.

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