The 10 Most Ruthless Characters On “Power”

Betrayal is the theme of “Power Season 6.”  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most ruthless character of all? Based on the character description’s provided by Starz, which character do you believe is the most treacherous one?


  1. JAMES “GHOST” ST. PATRICK (Omari Hardwick)

Brilliant and debonair, James St. Patrick battles to hold on to his life as a rising entrepreneur when the anger and grief for the shooting of his mistress puts him at odds with his brother. His criminal alter ego “GHOST” thirsts for revenge and is unsatisfied while his legitimate side. James pursues new heights of success in order to build a lasting legacy in honor of his daughter. As his two identities intertwine, James must navigate the monster within with the man he hopes to become.

2. TASHA ST. PATRICK (Naturi Naughton)

Cunning, fierce, and drop-dead gorgeous, Tasha was Ghost’s loving wife during his rise in the drug game, but she must now live with the consequences of marrying into the life as she mourns the death of her daughter, Raina, as well as the loss of her son’s innocence to the streets. With Ghost unable to meet Tasha in her grief, she files for divorce. After learning Ghost murdered her lover Terry Silver, Tasha vows to get even with Ghost. She even put bullets in her former friend’s head (LaKeisha Grant) and is teaching her son the street game.


Tommy is completely out of control. Credit: Starz


3. TOMMY EGAN (Joseph Sikora)

Wild, wounded and loyal to a fault, Tommy and Ghost began the drug business together and for Tommy, it’s not a means to an end – it is the end itself. After learning Ghost’s role in his father’s death, Tommy is set on having his revenge. With his ties now completely severed from Ghost, will Tommy learn to live outside of Ghost’s shadow?  Which character will he blame for LaKeisha’s untimely demise?

(Rotimi Akinosho)
Dre is a savvy, overly-ambitious criminal who followed in Ghost’s footsteps – including a mentorship from Kanan. He used the lessons he learned to steal Tommy’s network away from him. But Dre has lost all that he built in the drug game. Dre is hell-bent on gaining back his life as kingpin. Dre must execute a devious plan to serve up the St. Patricks, launching him back in the drug game at the top of the food chain.


Tariq is crafty. Credit: Starz

5. TARIQ ST. PATRICK (Michael Rainey Jr.)

Tariq is the only son of Ghost and Tasha. Despite his rich New York City kid upbringing, Tariq chooses the life of crime. As Tariq continues to grow into his true self, he betrays Kanan and chooses his family over the one who truly accepted him for who he was. Regardless of Tariq’ssacrifice, Ghost, Tasha and Tommy reject him anew. Yearning for acceptance, will Tariq continue  down the criminal path, alone?

6. JASON MICIC (Mike Dopud)

As head of a Serbian drug cartel, Jason is cautious and calculating. At least until his greed motivates him to form a dangerous alliance with Tommy and Ghost. Will his intensive ambition compel him to make a perilous choice?

Councilman Tate’s corrupt and doesn’t care. Credit: Starz


Slick and ambitious, Tate has a laser focus on a Gubernatorial run, a run that Tate plans to win byany means necessary. After profiting off of Ghost and Tasha’s tragic loss, he temporarily used  the “Queens Child Project” (QCP) to seal the deal on his campaign. He has since squashed the project and has made power-ful enemies.  Will Tate’s blind ambition catch up with him? And will he be able to out-smart St. Patrick/Ghost?

2-Bit doesn’t trust anybody. Credit: Starz

8. 2-BIT (Michael J. Ferguson)

As Dre’s former top lieutenant, 2-Bit is cunning, unpredictable, brash, and nearly heartless. 2-Bit holds a special place within this macrocosm because he serves as both a foil for Dre, and is an embodiment of masculinity that thrives off of death and violence. Will he outmaneuver enemies, or will his zeal lead to his tragic demise?

9.  COUSIN BENNY (Dominico Lombardozzi)

This dangerous man  wants to continue to express his gratitude for the safe return of his niece, the late Joe Proctor’s daughter. However, bossman also wants revenge for his cousin Proctor’s death.  What will happen to the shooter, Tommy Eagan, if Benny really knows who is responsible for the lawyer’s murder in Ghost’s penthouse?

Ramona wants Ghost in the worst way! Credit: Starz

10. RAMONA GARRITY (Cynthia Addai-Robinson)

A democratic operative from the highest level, Ramona Garrity is Tate’s new campaign manager. She has scandal in her past and a broken relationship. Ramona assists Tate on his Gubernatorial run, but in the process takes a liking to Ghost’s story and begins to consider a political future for James St. Patrick. Ramona now becomes the third point of this power triangle in the Tate organization and appears to want St. Patrick for herself and won’t let anyone stand in her way.