Shop On! The Always Shell Collection Features The Iconic Turtle Logo

Which is one of the most quiet, hard, “flow at their own pace” animal that can live in water and on land and can also adapt to any situation it finds itself in? The answer to this question is: Turtle-a slow moving, unphased reptile enclosed in a scaly or leathery domed shell into which it can retreat to for protection. Enter Always SHELL Apparel Company!

Always SHELL was created in Charlotte, N.C. from the slang term, “Shell’. In the early 90’s, the term Shell meant being hard, fearless, crazy, wild and/or overlyconfident. The apparel line chose the turtle shell to feature as its mascot for the brand. The turtle shell is symbolic of determination, perseverance, strength, patience and longevity. Always SHELL offers clothing items such as some of the hardest T-Shirt designs around, shorts, tank tops and hats for men, women and baby!


Women’s Classic Shell Muscle Tank Credit: Always Shell


Snapback! Credit: Always Shell

Always SHELL officially launched its online store in June 2019 and can be found at  https://www.alwaysshell.com. Items from the brand have already been featured on the award winners at the 2019 Carolina Music Video Awards Show and is being represented nationally by 5 top entertainment influencers in the U.S. from as far as Africa. Influencers support and are supported by SHELL because they understand that it takes a unit to move swiftly. Additionally, proceeds from the brand supports charitable initiatives involving turtles!