For The Fans! Janet Jackson Takes Control Of Her Vinyl

Janet Jackson’s impressive music catalog is being  reissued on vinyl, including A&M and Virgin albums.

The reissue series commenced in full with the wide release of Janet’s iconic, mega-platinum-selling third album Control  on single vinyl in two different color options: black and translucent red.

Other digital releases include Control The Remixes,  Rhythm Nation 1814 (12x platinum worldwide), janet, The Velvet Rope (10x platinum worldwide) and All For You (7x platinum worldwide).

Credit: Universal Music


This in-depth reissue series, with all albums produced and written in collaboration with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, reinforces Jackson’s legacy as a singular visionary creative artist. The scope of the sonic character evident all throughout these six albums serves to showcase her inherent instinct for fusing together a variety of musical styles, including rhythm and blues, funk, pop, soul, disco, and modern synthesized percussion all into one original mélange of sound that continues to be enjoyed by millions of fans the world over.


Having sold over 180 million albums worldwide to date, Jackson has long proven herself to be a liberated and noteworthy artist, one who ultimately emerged as a global superstar and a model for independent women everywhere. Her catalog finds many hot, nasty grooves interlaced with much rhythm and grace, all of which continue to be well-worthy of aural revisitation on high-grade vinyl.


Fans can preorder Janet Jackson’s reissued vinyl catalog here.