(Video) Domani’s “Game We Play”

18-year-old Atlanta rapper Domani shares Time Will Tell, his first project in three years. A testament to Domani’s motivation to forge his own path in the industry, the 14-track album is a collection of confessions, dreams, and emotional realizations that Domani has faced during his teenage years. Filled with sophisticated lyrics, bursts of poetry, and live dialogue, the album features a wide variety of soundscapes, created with a mixture of beats and live instrumentation, ranging from the brassy orchestra of “A Poem I Wrote” to the soft-funk throwback of “Darkness.” On songs like “Real Life,” “How It Feel,” and recent single “Time Will Tell,” Domani provides a reflective look into his struggles with his image and privilege. A resonant look at the perils of seeking superstardom, anchored by his melodic and lyrical skill, Time Will Tell releases via EMPIRE.

Now equipped with a trio of albums under his belt, Domani continues to solidify himself as the new face of soulful Southern rap. Domani’s impressive resume dates back to 2012, with the release of his “Green Faces” at the age of 11. Now seven years later, Domani’s sound and flow have seen an enormous evolution. Son of rap-legend T.I., Domani’s been surrounded by stardom his whole life. More recently, the Atlanta rapper had teased the single “Game We Play” with an accompanying music video, and shared a gripping video for “Time Will Tell,” each reflecting his struggles with identity and determination to forge his own path in the industry. Time Will Tell ushers the 18-year-old onward on his journey to fame and artistic recognition.