(WATCH) Discover ‘Puppet Strings’ by Louis York ft. PJ Morton!


Prepare to be musically mesmerized! Louis York has just dropped their fresh track “Puppet Strings,” and this one lights up the scene with its brilliant collaboration featuring the amazing PJ Morton.

What makes Louis York stand out is their unmistakable blend of novelty in each song, pushing the bounds of creativity with vibrant colors in the music. “Puppet Strings” is yet another example of their experimental sounds that beckon listeners to see the world outside the regular prism and indulge in vivid, musical narratives.

Their unique crafting propels us not just to listen but see music in distinctive hues. If youreo8c;re all about soundscapes that paint a panorama with every note, this track is for you!

Watch the full video here: Puppet Strings – Louis York, PJ Morton

courtesy Weirdo Workshop, LLC