(READ) Regina King Reveals Her Son Ian’s Touching Presence at Her Harper’s Bazaar Shoot

In the depths of heartache and mourning, an unexpected moment of serenity and connection can provide an immeasurable comfort. The esteemed and multifaceted actress Regina King experienced such a moment, a luminous reflection of her late son Ian’s enduring spirit, during a recent project that had the community and her fans deeply moved.

During the highly anticipated premiere of “Shirley,” a biopic that epitomizes the trials and triumphs of the political titan Shirley Chisolm, Regina King shared her heart with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans. The film holds a place close to her heart, treasuring a loving dedication to her late son, Ian. Surrounded by the unique atmosphere of such an emotional unveiling, Regina recounted an experience that vividly illustrated the gentle whispers of connection that loved ones who have passed on continue to share with us. According to Regina, the essence of Ian was profoundly felt at a recent photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar. It was Ian’s favorite color, orange, which beckoned her from the realms of memory to a palpable presence. The actress was dressed in vibrant red when an inner impulse guided her towards an orange attire, coinciding with the golden hour. This choice wasn’t just an aesthetic preference but a sacred acknowledgment. “Ian is there,” Regina confided, feeling his presence envelop her in a warm, ethereal embrace as the sun set, painting the moment with his favorite color.

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“Shirley,” a narrative that breathes life into the monumental journey of Shirley Chisolm, is not just a film. For Regina and many who will watch, it’s a poignant homage to Ian, a soul forever cherished and remembered. Streaming on Netflix from March 22nd, the biopic invites audiences to embrace their own memories and connections with loved ones passed, reminding us of the undying love that ties us beyond the physical realm.

courtesy Access Hollywood