(Gospel) Watch Out for LaLa Musiq!

In 2020, Yaweh allowed my path to cross with Truth Music Gospel Artist 2x Grammy Ballotted, Multi- International Award Winner LaLa Musiq. Little did we know the path and doors Yaweh was opening for her. Right On Digital’s Tameka J had caught up with LaLa Musiq to talk about All things LaLa Musiq!
RO: Who is LaLa Musiq?
LM: I am a multi award-winning international gospel artist!  I am also a voting member of the Recording Academy and 2x Grammy balloted.  I am a wife, mother, businesswoman, and servant of The Most High God.

RO: Who inspires you when you’re writing your music?
LM: I am inspired by the holy scriptures of The Most High and by life situations that I have encountered over time.  These inspirations combined have given me the opportunity to share my message globally and reach people from all different backgrounds.  My music is a mix of gospel, rhythm, and blues which is the foundation of La La Musiq.
RO: Congratulations are in order! Yaweh has opened so many doors for you, You’re Grammy balloted, Multi-International Award Winning LaLa Musiq. Did you ever see all this coming at you? 
LM: I didn’t see this coming when I started on this journey five years ago professionally.  I prayed that The Most High would guide my path and order my steps as I worked to spread his truth.  I believed in him and trusted that he would surround me with the right people to press forward.  He has given me more that I could ask for in regard to accolades and awards as a Truth Music Gospel Artist.  I am so thankful because without him none of this would be possible.
RO:  How did you come up with the names of your albums, Set Apart and The Awakening?  What’s the story behind the naming of your projects?
LM: In regard to the Set Apart album,  I try to live a holy qadash life and wanted my first album to represent me being different from the world.  I follow all of the laws, statues, and commandments of The Most High and felt like I needed to come out the gate representing.  The Awakening album was centered around me learning more about the truth of the bible and growing from my first album.  It was a message to the world that I am not ashamed of the gospel, and I will share it unapologetically.
RO: Are you currently working on a new project? Or on tour?

LM: I just wrapped up my very first tour for 2023 (The La La Land tour)!  It was great to travel across the country and share the gospel my way!  I will be working on several amazing collaborations in 2024 and also on my new album!

RO:  What advice would you give to the next artist following in your footsteps?

LM: My advice would be to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.  It’s not always about the awards, attention, or notoriety as an independent artist.  If you are solely doing this for the acceptance of others or to be “seen,” you will be highly disappointed. Most people think this journey is fast and it happens overnight but that is not the case.  You have to be willing to work hard, endure challenges, put out quality work, and handle your music business.  The Most High is the author of all things and will guide you if you let him!
RO: How can fans get your music and reach out to you?
LM: My music is available on all digital platforms, and you can reach out to me on my website www.lalamusiq.comhttps://instagram.com/lala_musiqhttps://facebook.com/lalamusiq/https://twitter.com/lala_musiq