Exclusive Clip With Dr. Charlene A Flash From +Life +Talk Episode

An exclusive clip from +Life’s new +Talk episode highlights how Dr. Charlene Flash, an expert in HIV prevention, talks about how PReP can aid pregnant women with HIV to not pass it onto their children or to their partners.

“The multi-platform brand +Life is inspired by ABC talent Karl Schmid’s own story of living with shame and fear of having HIV due to the amount of ignorance and stigma surrounding the virus. +Life appears across multiple social media platforms offering the flagship +Talk round-table talk show and content revolving around love and relationships, entertaining, medicine, nutrition and spirituality. +Life features a coterie of amazing stories told by an incredible and diverse group of people sharing their first hand experiences living with HIV, fighting for access to medications, facing down community stigma, and fighting their own internal stigmas.”

Check out the clip below and you can stream the full conversation with Dr. Charlene Flash, MD now on pluslifemedia.com.