Biden To Dedicate National Monument to Honor Emmett Till And His Mother

By Brian Lee

The national monument of Emmett Till is expected to be established on Tuesday, after Biden signs a proclamation on the 82nd anniversary of Till’s birthday, July 25th. The monument will be designed in 3 different sites in both Illinois and Mississippi.

The first site is in Chicago at the Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ, where thousands of people mourned the tragedy after Till was brutally lynched in 1955, after a white woman accused him of offending her in a store.

The second site in Mississippi is at Graball Landing, the area which is believed to be the site where his body was discovered from the Tallahatchie River.

The third site is in Sumner, Mississippi in the Tallahatchie County Second District Courthouse, where his murderers were tried by an all-white jury and were subsequently unjustly acquitted of their crimes.

The new monuments would be a stark reminder of the atrocities that were committed in the past in the name of racism and hatred, while also ensuring that Emmett Till’s name never be forgotten and that this would be a lesson for many of the younger generation to learn.