Coppertone’s ‘Together We Shine’ Promotes Sun Safety

Coppertone’s “Together We Shine,” an initiative that promotes sun safety in multicultural communities, partnered with GirlTrek during Juneteenth weekend to help hundreds of Black women embrace sun safety, self-care and wellness.


Trekkers from 10 different cities across the country (including Harlem, Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, among other cities), showed up and reinforced their commitment to Black health and wellness while walking.


As sun damage and skin cancer incidence is on the increase in Black communities, participants received skin health education and Coppertone Every Tone Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen, its first advised by a panel of experts from the Skin of Color Society and designed to specifically meet the needs of people with melanated skin.  For more information, please visit www.coppertone.com.


“We are incredibly thankful for our partnership with Coppertone which invited women throughout the GirlTrek movement to earn their GirlTrek glow in a healthy and informed way,” said Vanessa Garrison, GirlTrek co-founder.  “


GirlTrek, one of the largest health nonprofits for Black women and girls, promotes walking to improve overall health and well-being. Together, they are championing sun safety and wellness for Black Women, increasing awareness and education around the importance of using sun protection to help reduce the risk of developing sun damage and skin cancer.