(Listen) Dondria Returns with a New Perspective

courtesy Jackie O & Co.


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For R&B singer/songwriter and artist, Dondria, the last two years have been a productive season of metamorphosis and reinvention! After going through a healing, explorative time, she’s back to her first love, music, and steering her career with a renewed purpose, self-awareness, attitude, and direction. To kick off 2023, she has released a new EP, Perspective, on her newly formed company, Awe Me Entertainment, in partnership with 630 Productions.  She pours all her love, joy, trauma, and pain into the eight new songs available on streaming platforms.  “Most of the songs on the Perspective EP are very personal to me and have a dual perspective or meaning,” she shares.

A streaming favorite is “Lose Myself,” a song about moving into new seasons and letting go of old relationships, people, and mindsets. In “Lose Myself,” a relationship is ending, and there’s a decision – lose your love or yourself? Dondria shares, “In Lose Myself, I’m talking to my younger self and reminding her of old habits and mindsets we let go of to bloom. I will never let a person or situation make me lose myself again!”

Another song, “Let It Be,” featured on Amazon’s sitcom Harlem (starring Meagan Good, Grace Byers, and Jerrie Johnson) was produced by Grammy Award winner Bryan-Michael Cox and co-written by Dondria with her executive producer Josh Bias (630 Productions). “Let It Be” is a love song to her career and music.“I fell in love with music and began creating music before I even understood who I was. I entered the music industry at 19, expecting awards and accolades to come just because of my talent. I loved music, but I didn’t always get back from it what I thought I would. Reconnecting with God, therapy, & refining my circle/team strengthened my confidence and reignited my love, passion, confidence, and appreciation for music. I’ve grown so much and am ready to reintroduce who I’ve become!”

The Perspective EP opens with “Take You There,” revealing Dondria’s sensual side. “On ‘Take You There, I want to take you to a higher place. Social media celebrates couples’ goals with pictures of expensive vacations, money, cars, and diamond rings. None of those things matter. Instead, relationships should be centered around unconditional love and simple things that bring joy, peace, and happiness!” So light the candles, set the mood, and let Dondria take you there!

There are two duets on Perspective: ‘You & I’ ft Avery Wilson and “What I Need,” featuring Josh Bias. “One of the first songs that Josh and I worked on was ‘You & I.’ We wrote that song before we knew there would be an EP, so it’s crazy that it’s on this project with Avery Wilson.” The second duet on the album is the only song on the EP without a dual perspective or meaning. “What I Need is straightforward. It is what it is. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over time is to trust my intuition. I know what I need, and if we’re not on the same page, it will not work.”

Dondria has a little fun on the up-tempo “Good Company!” “Josh and I have been friends for years, and he knows I love getting with my girlfriends and having a good time. So, we decided to record a fun song that reveals that side of me!  “I’m still blooming and growing into this new version of myself. I’ve kept parts of my personality, like my fun side, away from the public. I’m finally growing into myself, and at this point in my life, I’m not allowing anything less than good vibrations around me! I know my purpose is to share my gift and use it to motivate and inspire people. How they receive it depends on their perspective!”


Dondria has also started writing a book of poetry called In The Dark and will launch a health and wellness podcast in Spring 2023 called Detox With Dondria. “I’m a health, wellness, and mental health advocate, and my podcast, ‘Detox With Dondria,’ will help ambitious women and professionals detox from thoughts, habits, and expectations that no longer serve us, so we can create space for things and people who do.”

courtesy Jackie O & Co.